One of my favorite books as a child was the Jumbo Coloring Book. The giant, undemanding illustrations were inviting allowing a child to easily interact. The simplicity of Words written and illustrated by the wonderful Christoph Niemann . If you’re not familiar with Niemann’s name, you might be by his work. He implements doodles into whimsical pop art that are nothing but clever and “how-come-I-didn’t-think-of-that brilliant! There are more of his illustrations located on “Sunday Sketches.” I’ve been a long-time fan.

His latest children’s book, WORDS brings me back to that same childhood familiarity. In its 352 pages, Christoph clearly and directly defines words with illustrations with unique humor. Any age will be captivated by its ease and obvious charm. It is a Pictionary extraordinaire’s delight.

Pictures courtesy of Christoph Niemann

Words, published by Greenwillow Books, New York, sells for $13.18 at Barnes & Noble.com.

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