Grumpy Monkey

In these days of COVID, it seems we’re all a bit grumpy! It’s justified. As an adult we know this and it’s ok, right? Right? Somewhere along the way of growing older, we’ve come to believe that displaying any “negative” emotions are a bad thing. We bundle up those feelings and pretend they don’t exist. In Grumpy Monkey written by Suzanne Lang, illustrated by Max Lang, Jim Panzee (I mean, the name alone is the sole reason we should be reading this book), is feeling a bit off and doesn’t know why. downloadHis lovable jungle friends, a lemur, a laughing hyena, an Ape named Norman, advises Jim that perhaps to not feel grumpy, he should not look like he’s grumpy, don’t hunch over, try to smile, act positively… like them. But Jim just doesn’t feel like doing any of those things.Maybe we should just let Jim be grumpy. This is a sweet, funny story and an opportunity to have those conversations about frustrating feelings children maybe confused about-especially now- when they maybe missing their friends, school, and social, daily activities. It’s a great reminder to to them – and us – that it is truly okay to feel grumpy. grumpy-main-speak


Published by Penguin Random House (2018) Hardcover, 32 pages

Available on Kindle $10.99

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